Introduction to the Tableau Online Training Course in USA

Learn Advance and Best Tableau Online Training in USA from Certified real-time experts, As the market-leading choice for modern business intelligence, Tableau analytics platform makes it easier for people to explore and manage data, and faster to discover and share insights that can change businesses and the world.

Everything we do is driven by our mission to help people see and understand data, which is why Tableau products are designed to put the user first—whether they’re an analyst, data scientist, student, teacher, executive, or business user. From connection through collaboration, Tableau is the most powerful, secure, and flexible end-to-end analytics platform.

Tableau Online Training Course Contents

The Tableau Environment

  • The Tableau Workspace
  • Workbooks and Sheets
  • Files and Folders

Connect to Data

  • Connecting Data
  • Basic Connection
  • Joining Tables
  • Understanding Data Fields
  • Understanding the Data Window
  • Data Window Features and Functions
  • Editing Field Properties
  • Data Types and Roles
  • Special Values
  • Custom SQL Queries
  • Creating Incremental Loads
  • Creating File Extractions
  • Data Blending from multiple source systems

Building Data Views

  • Building Views/Charts Manually
  • Building Views Automatically
  • Using Multiple Measures
  • Using Multiple Dimensions
  • Bar charts
  • Stacked Bar charts
  • Dual and Blended Axis
  • Line and Area charts
  • Heat and tree Maps
  • Symbol and Filled Maps
  • Pie, Scatter plot
  • Crosstab, Highlight table
  • Box-whisker and Gantt view
  • Histogram and Bins
  • Filtering, Types of filters, order of execution
  • Grouping and Sets
  • Dates and Times
  • Reference Lines, Bands, and Boxes
  • Inspecting Data
  • Parameters

Advanced Analysis

  • Actions
  • Calculations, Table Calculations
  • Date and time functions
  • String Functions and logical functions
  • Data Items, Data behind your views
  • Hierarchies
  • Sets, Groups, Bins.
  • Quick Table Calculations
  • Custom Table Calculations
  • YTD, Parallel Period
  • Moving Averages, Running totals, Window Averages,
  • Trend Lines
  • Forecasting
  • Parameters
  • Background Images
  • Background Maps
  • Trend Lines and Statistics
  • Log Axes

Publish and Share

  • Formatting
  • Annotations and Mark Labels
  • Dashboards
  • Publishing to Tableau Server
  • Saving and Exporting

Tableau Admin /Server

  • Installation
  • Tableau Architecture
  • Configuration of server
  • Creating users/groups
  • Creating Sites, Projects
  • Creating Schedules
  • Creating roles/permissions

FAQ’s On Tableau Online Training Course

What is Tableau?

Tableau software is rapid-fire business intelligence which is easy to use. It is a browser-based analytics and data visualization tool that is accessible to anyone who wishes to delve deeper into their data. It is low cost BI software as compared to other tools in the market.

Name the companies which use Tableau?

BNP Paribas, Citi Group, IAG, Accenture, Trexin, Deloitte, US Bank and IAG etc.

Why should you learn Tableau?

Tableau is useful to get data and data visualizations quickly out to users. It is easy to use and fast to implement. Non-IT and Non-BI users can easily access to this tool and manipulate data without navigating through the technical difficulties such as SQL, coding, data warehousing etc. It also offers better visualizations over the other leading BI players.

What are the career opportunities available after undergoing Tableau training?

There is exponential growth in Tableau jobs. Popular job search websites indicates a salary range of USD 7000 to 10000 per annum for Tableau professionals.

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