Data Warehouse Testing Services

Data warehouse testing comprises ETL, BI, performance, and security testing types. Since 2012, Kellyits DWH testing ensures the proper functioning of BI apps, high DWH performance, corporate data security, and ETL processes’ working in line with corresponding business rules.

Get Expert DWH Testing

Based on your business and project specifics, we can suggest an optimal DWH test coverage to ensure your business data quality, validate sophisticated BI logic and DWH performance staying within reasonable testing time and budget.


What We Test in Data Warehouse Testing


ETL testing

If ETL doesn’t run as intended, the data is harmed, altered inadequately or lost on the way, which results in misleading insights and faulty business decisions.

Our qualified SQL-experienced testing engineers follow a data-centric approach and validate the data at every entry point. Running ETL testing, we identify duplicates and triplicates, spot missing foreign keys, check that the transformation goes according to your business rules and make sure that source and target data are consistent.If the data stored in a DWH is of great volume or variety, our team offers automated.

ETL testing of our DWH using the following tools:

  • Query Surge.
  • Informatica Data Validation.
  • ETL Validation and more.

BI Testing

To power well-grounded business decisions, data quality should be maintained throughout:

Data integration in online analytical processing (OLAP) cubes. We make sure OLAP operations (roll-up, drill-down, slicing and dicing, pivot) work correctly.

Data presentation in reports and dashboards. Our testing engineers compare the data and its format in the DWH and in the reports and dashboards to make sure they deliver trustworthy information. We also check rendering time of your reports and dashboards to make sure it agrees with your requirements.

DWH performance testing

Our testing engineers run comprehensive performance testing (stress, load, scalability and stability testing subtypes) to detect possible bottlenecks and make sure your data warehouse handles the increasing number of users and/or the growing data volume from data sources and successfully deals with multiple users performing various operations simultaneously.

DWH security testing

Data warehouses contain critical business information (data on clients and employees, enterprise financial data, partner information, etc.) that needs enhanced protection. Running DWH security testing, our experts will check:

  • The correctness of role-based access.
  • The correct work of data encryption and decryption implementations adopted by the business.
  • The validity of data backup operations.

Our qualified testing experts will ensure the data security measures you use effectively protect your business data, as specified in your security requirements.


Collaboration Models


Complete DWH testing

Under this model, we perform an all-embracing check of your data warehouse and test ETL, DWH performance and security, as well as reports and dashboards.

Targeted DWH testing

Under this model, our team tests a certain aspect or aspects (for example, we run only ETL testing). We can also test a certain sub-aspect separately (OLAP, role-based access, etc.)


DWH Testing Process


Project Requirement Analysis

Our testing team studies your DWH project requirements. Driven by certified quality management system, our QA specialists will help you improve the requirements, in case they are vague or incomplete.

DWH project requirements are reviewed and enhanced (if needed).

Test planning and test design

This stage consists of:

  • Drafting a test plan.The test lead drafts a detailed test plan for you to review and approve.
  • Test design. The testing team writes test cases/checklists according to the test plan and unites them into a test case document that comprehensively covers your data warehouse testing.
  • Prep measures. Our testing team sets up a well-balanced strategy with an optimal mix of manual and automated testing and prepares test data sets to suit your DWH testing best.

The test plan, the test case document, adequate test data for DWH testing are created and approved.

Test implementation

Relying on the test case document and the test plan, our testing team tests your data warehouse using the prepared test data and test environment. Your business data security is guaranteed by our certification.

Updatable test suites and bug reports.

Result analysis and accountability

The testing team provides a test summary report describing the testing results and the overall DWH quality.

Test summary report on your DWH quality.


Challenges We Solve


Huge amounts of data and data variety

To meet this challenge, our DWH testing engineers thoroughly select data samples to create quality test data. They also run performance testing to make sure large amounts of data don’t slow down the query execution time.

Time-dependent data meaning is changing as time goes.

Our testing experts will prepare representative data samples covering the necessary period (2+ years) and load them to the test environment. Besides, time-dependent data is continually changing, for example, when current date changes from Aug/31 to Sep/1, current and previous months change. To solve this problem, our testing specialists regularly add new test data to test a particular feature of your DWH adequately.

Endless variations in OLAP.

 OLAP allows applying various filters, dimensions and measures, which creates a multitude of scenarios to be tested. To manage the testing process efficiently, our testing engineers draft a traceability matrix, which shows the test coverage for each dimension and measure and helps prevent under-testing.

Business specificity.

Testing some DWH components (OLAP cubes and reporting) requires business understanding. Our testing engineers apply professional knowledge in 10+ domains, including retail, healthcare, banking and financial services, manufacturing, and more, to ensure that your solution is fully functional.