Data Quality Consulting

Data quality assurance is the process of identification and elimination of any data inconsistency via the processes of data profiling and cleansing. Kellyits provides data quality assurance services to ensure that our customers have clean, complete and up-to-date project required data.

Safeguarding a high quality of data from ERP, CRM, SMC, and other business critical systems.

Accurate and Business-Ready Data?

  • Handles duplicates and inconsistencies in your data.
  • Designs key metrics to control data quality.
  • Advises on and implements data governance procedures.

Reliable Data Quality Assurance

  • Data analytics expertise since 2012.
  • 11years in data warehouse services, design and implementation of business intelligence solutions.
  • Big data servicessince 2013.
  • Certified to assure the quality of the data quality assurance services and the security of the customers’ data.
  • Deep expertise in more than12 plus industriesand working experience with industry-specific standards and regulations (HIPAA, PCI DSS, etc.)

Data Quality Assurance Services We Offer

Data quality consulting

Our data quality assurance team advises on:

  • Fixing the problems with data quality in the required software systems.
  • Relocating data to a new system during migration.
  • Integrating data from several software systems.
  • Identifying data quality improvement opportunities, etc.

Data quality assessment

For your reports and dashboards to be accurate and data-dependent processes to run as intended, we:

  • Define data quality thresholds and rules.
  • Evaluate data quality based on the defined rules and thresholds.
  • Report identified data quality issues and conduct root cause analysis.
  • Design data quality rules and practices to establish the data quality management process*.
  • Implement data quality management
  • Monitor and control data quality

Managed data quality assurance

For a monthly subscription fee, you get:

  • Data quality rules and standards definition.
  • Regular data quality monitoring and control.
  • Data quality variations monitoring and reporting.
  • Data quality issues resolution.

Data Variables We Test

  • ERP (data from Finance, Accounting, Human Resources, Supply Chain and Manufacturing, Sales, Marketing, and other modules).
  • SCM (general information about suppliers, inventory, shipping, manufacturing and procurement data, etc.).
  • CRM (customer profiles, data about leads, accounts, entries on the progress in communication, and more).
  • Ecommerce (web-behavior activities, customer data, transaction logs).
  • HR (employee data, applicant data, payroll, and more).
  • Industry-specific data (EHR for healthcare, network data for telecom, etc.).
  • Specialized departmental systems (Marketing, Sales, Maintenance and Support, etc.)

What You Get with Our Data QA Services


No data contradictions within one data store and across different data stores.


The information your data contains is reliable and error-free.


Data is sufficient for answering your business questions.


Data is accessible, and it is possible to trace the introduced changes.


Data has the required format and structure.


A data record with specific details appears only once in a database, no data duplicates are reported.


Data represents reality within a reasonable period or in accordance with corporate standards.

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Our Data Quality advantages

Protecting Your Data

To protect your business information, we practice a three-level approach to security:

  1. Signing an NDA.
  2. Working within secure infrastructure tested by our information security experts.
  3. Following Kellyits information security policy that covers security measures for internal and external information assets.