Independent Quality Engineering and Software Testing Services.

Kellyits offers independent quality engineering and a wide range of software testing services and solutions for the next generation enterprises and ISVs across the globe. Our experienced and deep-skilled quality assurance professionals have a hands-on, end-to-end understanding of the challenges faced by enterprises while on the path of digital transformation.

We implement the best possible software testing methodologies and applications, a Testing Center of Excellence, and world-class software testing Labs to deliver on our promise of Quality Engineering, Quality Assurance, and Digital Assurance.

Whether you have desktop, mobile or next-gen-based applications, our software testing specialists work with a focused approach to help you get more out of your testing efforts and improve time to market, and thus, your ROI.


Our Enterprise level software testing Services

Data Warehouse Testing

Based on your business and project specifics, we can suggest an optimal DWH test coverage to ensure your business data quality, validate sophisticated BI logic and DWH performance staying within reasonable testing time and

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ERP Testing

ERP testing comprises QA activities that verify ERP efficiency, sustainability, security, and user-friendliness. A balanced ERP test strategy should include different testing types (including functional, ETL, and performance testing)

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Big Data Application Testing

Testing of a big data application combining operational and analytical parts comprises the validation of the app’s correct and smooth functioning (including testing event streaming and analytics workflows, a DWH and a non-

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CRM Testing

CRM testing is aimed to ensure the smooth functioning of complex CRM workflows, CRM data consistency and security, and seamless integration with other enterprise solutions. Our experts are ready to dive into your CRM project

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IoT Application Testing

IoT testing includes functional and integration testing relevant to the specifics of distributed architectures, performance testing to check how the app handles large volumes of streaming data, security testing at the application,

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Mobile Application Testing 

Mobile application testing comprises functional, compatibility, usability, performance, security testing types. Since 2015, we provide full-range mobile app testing services based on our proficiency with mobile specifics and standards

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Test Automation

Kellyits adheres to the proprietary Integrated Manual and Automated Testing (IMAAT) approach to optimize testing time. Our test automation leads analyze automated testing feasibility and calculate its ROI for each testing project. If it’s lucrative enough, we develop reusable test scripts for automated testing at API and UI levels and introduce test automation within 3 to 4 weeks.

Testing Service Options


Single round testing

Acceptance testing, release testing. A one-time set of manual testing activities to ensure your software fully complies with its requirements and is ready to go live.

Continuous testing during software development

Functional, integration, and compatibility testing; testing of new functions, exploratory and regression testing that go in parallel with software development.

Continuous testing during software support maintenance

Exploratory, regression, and testing of new software features to ensure you app’s availability and complete functioning during evolution.

Other Software QA Services

QA consulting

As a quality assurance company fueled up by 32 years in software testing and 19 years in QA consulting, we offer:

  • Quality assurance strategy development.
  • Quality assurance process audit.

Software quality assessment

If you need to ensure the solution’s compliance with industry-specific standards (HIPAA, GAMP, PCI DSS, GLBA, etc.) or decide whether to support legacy software or create/buy a new solution, we can provide software quality audit or assess the software code quality by performing its code review and code audit.