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We are providing 100+ courses online interactive training period and commitment to promoting our company worldwide. Our training sessions are mainly targeted on key concepts, hands on experience and build confidence in candidate from interview perspective, all our sessions are truly interactive and every concept we discuss is based on real time scenarios for better experience. Our training helps businesses operate safely, efficiently and sustainably building career opportunities for the people they employ. We train professionals to obtain real business results. Our courses are designed by industry experts to equip students with skills they can immediately apply in the workplace.

Immediate response systems let instructors or course mentors provide real-time feedback, telling employees where they are going wrong, what could be done better, and which actions deserve commendation. These systems could even work as two-way mechanisms, where employees could share their feedback. The data gathered via these response systems can be later analyzed to reshape corporate training programs, making your learning environment, agile and future-ready.

IT Certification Training and Consulting Solutions

As the IT industry becomes more competitive, the ability for management to distinguish professional and skilled individuals in the field becomes mandatory. Certification demonstrates a level of understanding in carrying out quality assurance principles and practices. Software Certifications has become recognized worldwide as the standard for information technology quality assurance professionals.

We at Kelly IT conducting certification training programs with highly qualified experienced industry professionals. Certification is a big step; a big decision. Certification identifies an individual as a quality assurance leader, Certification earns the candidate the respect of colleagues and managers.

One or more of these certifications is frequently a prerequisite for promotion or acquiring a new position. We hope this site helps anyone considering this step in achieving higher career growth and goals.

Software Certification is formal recognition of a level of proficiency in the information technology (IT) quality assurance industry. The recipient is acknowledged as having an overall comprehension of the disciplines and skills represented in a comprehensive body of knowledge for a respective software discipline.

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