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CRM testing is aimed to ensure the smooth functioning of complex CRM workflows, CRM data consistency and security, and seamless integration with other enterprise solutions.

With 13 years in CRM testing, Kellyit provides expert functionality, integration, compatibility, security, and usability testing of both custom and platform-based CRM systems.

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Our experts are ready to dive into your CRM project within 1 week and deliver full-range testing activities: from test planning and design and execution of test cases to test reporting.

CRM Aspects We Test

CRM functionality

To make sure all functions are carried out as stated in the CRM requirements specification our test engineers validate vast CRM functionality:

Sales: for example, customized automated communication with prospects via IP telephony, emails, web forms, lead and cases assignment.

Marketing: including automated campaign and event management, email marketing and social media integration.

Customer service: case management, assignment and prioritization, etc.

CRM integrations

Our test engineers check each CRM integration (with a data warehouse, document management software, ERP, an ecommerce platform, a point of sale system, external analytical software). This is done to validate appropriate data passing to and from the external systems, data accuracy, data changes saved and displayed in all the involved systems correctly, the consistency of data formats, and the absence of unnecessary dependencies.

CRM performance

Even if your CRM is quick and slick in daily use, you need to be sure it can endure peak sales periods like Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Performance testing determines whether your CRM is truly scalable and stable. Our test team simulates hundreds or thousands of virtual users working with CRM simultaneously to check its response time and loading speed, the maximum number of users, peak hours’ performance and endurance under continuous load.

CRM security

Your CRM contains vast amounts of sensitive customer data, which makes it vulnerable to data breaches. So, our test team executes vulnerability assessment, penetration testing and other activities for your CRM to be truly secure. Besides, CRM is used by multiple employees with different access levels. Thus, you need to be sure that each user has access corresponding precisely to their position. Our test engineers also perform role-based access control validation.

CRM analytics

CRM should provide you with accurate statistics, which becomes the foundation for relevant sales forecasting. Our test team performs comprehensive data warehouse testing to check that your data warehouse doesn’t provide your CRM with incoherent or invalid data. Besides, to validate your CRM analytics results our test engineers test the consistency of data presentation in reports and dashboards.

CRM usability

CRM needs to be convenient and user-friendly. Otherwise, its bugged and inconvenient UI can make the dedicated employees just give up on it. Usability testing organized by our UX researchers gives an insight into how easy it is to use CRM and what UI improvements can be introduced.

CRM Testing Process We Follow

The analysis of a CRM requirements specification

Our test team gets into a CRM project’s specifics and requirements. In case the set of requirements (including functional, UI, reliability, safety, operational) is incomplete, our QA manager is ready to step in and assist you with their gathering and compilation.

Testing risks analysis and mitigation plan development

Our test lead outlines the potential risks of a CRM testing project, evaluates possible losses, and decides on preventive actions. Early risks detection and a mitigation plan can help to avoid testing pitfalls and excessive spend on testing.

The development of a test strategy and a test plan

Our test lead develops a test strategy, the most comprehensive and high-level test document comprising testing objectives, scope, estimation of testing time, cost, human resources etc. Another significant test document created is the plan of future testing. It includes such testing essentials as test coverage, pass and fail test criteria, a test schedule. Both the documents are provided for your review and approval.

Test design and execution

Our test engineers design test cases and scenarios according to the test plan and execute them. Our test automation engineers script the test cases suitable for automation and carry out automated testing. They use proven test automation tools (for instance, Selenium, Appium, Apache JMeter, Coded UI Tests) to make CRM testing faster and ensure vast test coverage unachievable with only manual efforts. Our test team reports the found bugs using bug reporting procedures convenient for your CRM administrator or developers.

Test summary report

Our test lead provides you with a test summary report. This report comprises the summary of testing activities, testing coverage, and found CRM defects.

CRM Testing Challenges That We Address

Severe regression errors bound to CRM amendments

The initial CRM toolbox can’t be perfect and satisfy all user needs. Thus, CRM functionality requires constant improvement. CRM customizations, custom-developed add-ons or additionally purchased functionality may cause serious regression errors in varied and interconnected customer management processes. Some test teams tend to leave out regression testing after customizing OOTB features as such features are supposed to be ready-to-use. Our test team performs regression testing after all CRM changes and amendments, including seemingly harmless ones.

Irrelevant test automation

Vast CRM functionality, its multiple workflows, and large amounts of customer data make CRM testing suitable for automation. However, unwise test automation can result in excessive testing cost and time. Not every CRM testing project is appropriate for test automation. It is useless to automate tests for small-scale projects or the ones with an ever-changing set of requirements. Our test automation engineers will advise on the scale of automated testing involvement appropriate precisely for your CRM testing project during the analysis of software requirements and potential testing risks.

Low CRM user adoption

User adoption is crucial for CRM success. Inconvenient and illogical CRM UI can make sales, marketing and customer support employees neglect some of CRM functions or even avoid using the system. Our test team validates the usability of CRM navigation and structure, the logic of its workflows and use scenarios. In addition, out test engineers can trace possible touch points that CRM users come across while carrying out their daily tasks and ensure that CRM content is conveniently arranged and can be easily accessed.

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Our self-managed testing experts will ensure your CRM is free from functional, integration, compatibility, performance, security, and usability defects within optimal testing budget and time.