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Big Data Consulting Services

Our big data advisory, implementation, support and managed services to help companies to spot market trends and enhance customer ratio.

Transforming huge volumes of raw data into actionable insights for informed decision-making and accelerated business development.

Our expertise on Big Data:

  • Data analytics expertise since two decades.
  • Business intelligence and data warehousing services since 2012.
  • Big data consulting since 2013.
  • Domain experience in more than 10 plus industries, including healthcare, professional services, financial banking services, transportation logistics, and telecommunications.

Big Data Services We Offer

Big data advisory services

Kellyits formulate  a big data implementation/evolution strategy, conceptualizes a big data analytics solution, chooses an optimal technology stack, and proves the viability of a complex big data project with a Poc.

Big data solution implementation

Kellyits designs, develops, and implements a full-scale big data analytics solution with a unique feature set to address your business needs and objectives.

Big data support services

We conducts a health check to diagnose the issues within the existing big data infrastructure, provides tailored recommendations, and introduces relevant changes, if required, to ensure maximized ROI of a big data solution and its smooth evolution.

Big data managed services

We aggregates and analyzes your big data so that you can get actionable one-time or regular analytics insights without the need to set up and maintain a proprietary big data solution.

Big Data Solutions for all levels of Industries


Enterprise intelligence

  • Enterprise data warehousing for company-wide data consolidation and storage.
  • Corporate performance analytics.
  • Strategic and operational planning.

Operational analytics

  • Operational data storage and management.
  • Detection of deviations and undesirable patterns, recognition of operational bottlenecks.
  • Cause-effect analysis, operational performance prediction and forecasting.

Customer analytics

  • Collection and storage of demographic, transactional, interaction, etc. customer data.
  • Customer segmentation and customer behavior modeling.
  • Personalized marketing, product recommendations, discounts, etc.
  • Customer churn management.

Industry-Specific Solutions


Banking and insurance

  • Capture and storage of data on assets and liabilities, demographic, transactional, behavioral and social data on customers and policyholders.
  • Risk management (credit risk assessment, counterparty and liquidity risk analytics, etc.).
  • Detecting fraud in cash transactions, check tampering, claims, etc.
  • Fraud modeling.


  • Capture and storage of patient and medical device data.
  • Remote patient monitoring (alerting on acute conditions, on trends and patterns requiring a doctor’s attention).
  • Personalized care and lifestyle recommendations, personalized risks assessment, etc.

Retail and ecommerce

  • Storage of demographic, behavioral, psychographic, etc., customer data.
  • In-store and online personalization.
  • Dynamic price optimization.
  • Sales channel analytics.
  • Product/service performance analysis, portfolio optimization.
  • Competitor benchmarking.


  • Storage of demographic, service usage, payment data, data on network load, failures, etc.
  • Subscriber behavior analysis (subscriber segmentation, prediction of behavior, LTV and churn).
  • Network management and optimization (service quality assessment, value-based network capacity planning, etc.).

Logistics and transportation

  • Storage of real-time GPS data, cargo data (temperature, humidity), data on driver behavior, vehicle condition, etc.
  • Predictive analytics for vehicle maintenance.
  • Operational capacity planning (delivery schedules, labor scheduling, etc.).
  • Dynamic route optimization.